LIVE DEAD—The Grateful Dead Photographed by Bob Minkin

A stunning 224 pg. hardcover coffee table book

spanning almost 40 years of epic Grateful Dead photos and

stories from on the road by Bob Minkin

Forward by Steve Parish. Preface by Tom Constanten. Introduction by Blair Jackson

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instapayLive Dead, signed by Bob Minkin—only $50
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In addition to live concert images, LIVE DEAD features intimate backstage shots, photos of the the tour scene and even inside the Dead’s legendary “Vault”.

These indelible images capture the essence of Jerry Garcia and the Dead including peak moments from their concerts at dozens of venues such as Red Rocks, Winterland, Radio City, Capitol Theater, Europe ’81 and so many more…

Included are behind the scenes stories of many of the images Bob captured and tales from the road—experiences every Deadhead can relate too.

The post Grateful Dead years are also represented, including Furthur, Phil Lesh & Friends, Ratdog, and the current musical renaissance now happening in Marin County at Terrapin Crossroads, Sweetwater Music Hall and Bob Weir’s TRI Studios.

Bob Minkin is a sharpshooter. He captures the precious moments perfectly. He’d make a good drummer…
Mickey Hart
Over the decades, Bob Minkin has had great access to the Grateful Dead and a knack for capturing their surrounding ecosystem. Bob’s photos have been tremendously helpful to the Garcia family as we paint the memory of Jerry’s life and continue to share the magic of the Grateful Dead. There is an extended family and community of fans that surround the Grateful Dead, and each event is like a mini reunion where, even though it might be a meeting of strangers, there is a certain familiarity we all share. Bob Minkin is a member of this family.
Trixie Garcia
So many of Bob’s photographs are just beautiful. He really knows how to frame a feeling, and he gets it. He’s definitely an exceptional artist, one of the best. He’s very thorough in everything he sets his heart and his mind to, and I’ve watched that and seen that through the years I’ve known him. Beyond that, he’s a sterling human being. That emanates not only from what he does, but from who he is as a person. I’ve grown to love him dearly.
Donna Godchaux MacKay, former Grateful Dead singer
Bob has a passion for music that has allowed him to, very much like myself, break into photography as a way to connect with the music. He is on a very short list of the hardest working music photographers in the Bay Area. He is constantly shooting, which is what a true photographer should be doing. Bob has a sixth sense for anticipating and capturing the moment, and that is what makes him one of the best in the business.
Ed Perlstein, photographer
Bob’s perspective on the Grateful Dead was intimate and close-up, due to his deep interest in and long pursuit of the shows and all the side events, to. He was very present as a photographer for a long time. It seems like he was always there, and I still see him at all the big events.
Carolyn 'Mountain Girl' Garcia
Working with Relix was an essential part of my job as the Dead’s publicist, and the easiest part of it was working with Bob Minkin, their chief photographer. He was really more of a co-worker than somebody I had to worry about, and he’s remained among my favorite people ever since. His work speaks for itself as a true record of the Dead scene.
Dennis McNally, Grateful Dead publicist and historian
I’ve worked with Bob Minkin for fifteen years on countless Grateful Dead projects, and every moment working with him has been a blast. In addition to Bob’s exceptional talents as an art director, graphic designer, and project manager on Grateful Dead CD and DVD releases, he’s been one of our go-to guys when we’re looking for Grateful Dead photos from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. It’s great to know that everyone will now get to enjoy Bob’s photos in this new book!
David Lemieux, Grateful Dead archivist and legacy manager

Bob Weir and Live Dead

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Live Dead, signed by Bob Minkin—only $50
(USA only)
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